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Study Shows a Link Between Vaccines and Autism

After years of research and development, vaccines have become quite the necessity for parents and children in fighting all kinds of viruses and diseases. However, there are a good number of studies showing the adverse side effects vaccines may present. Although there is also a huge bank of studies, supporting vaccines having no relationship with autism and other mental disorders. This ongoing debate has lingered in the medical community and continued to divide the opinions of doctors.

A recent review published by the Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation of the Medical School at the University of Bialystok found some adverse neurological effects arising from vaccinations. This research may have focused on Polish vaccinations but is widely appropriate in the world medicine scene.

It’s safe to say this research is reliable because the University of Bialystok conducted it, which is an established center for published research. Their research proves to be credible because of the medical practitioners behind it. With the aid of pharmaceutical companies, the researchers from the University examined all sides of the information before coming to a verdict.

The investigators looked into the use of the vaccines and their effects on the immune system, neurological systems, and the history of symptoms arising from vaccination. Most of the vaccination studies come from the western side of the world, so it’s refreshing to read research from the European side of medicine. This is all the more reason to heed what this report has to say about vaccines being dangerous to our health.

Neurological Complications

The researchers placed their time and efforts on the compound ethylmercury. This compound is used as one of the primary ingredients for preserving vaccines for future use. Unfortunately, many conditions are linked to this compound, such as toxicity in the liver, kidneys, nervous system, and heart.

Sadly, the increasing number of ADHD, mental retardation, autism, and epilepsy cases hasn’t stopped growing through the years.

The study has shown a direct correlation between the compound and the rate of autism. Two years ago, the MMR vaccine was ruled out as the cause of autism in a case presented in an Italian Court. Another study by the University of British Columbia also showed the dangers of the HPV vaccine while doctors from the said University exposed a cover-up of the adverse effects arising from vaccine manufacturers.

Adverse Health Effects

There is a decreasing amount of doubt on whether vaccines are no longer safe for people. The research showcased the adverse effects happening right after the time of vaccination.

These symptoms include swelling, abscesses at the injection site, meningitis, encephalitis, encephalopathy, lymphadenopathy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, joint pain, fever, thrombocytopenia, paralytic poliomyelitis, and other adverse effects following vaccination.

Vaccine Schedules

The practitioners also studied the vaccine schedules and how the timing of vaccines affects the human body.

In injecting the same antigen repeatedly, the scientists found the patients to have autoimmune disorders. They realized that the increased amount of vaccines also create a higher level of toxicity in the bodies of patients. A Fatal Autoimmune Disorder was discovered from the hepatitis B vaccine.


Unfortunately, not enough research has proven vaccinations to be lethal to humans, so scientists continue to build a body of research supporting the dangers of vaccination. It isn’t clear how the body specifically reacts to vaccines because of the hit-or-miss outcomes of immunization. Sadly, medicine manufacturers are constantly developing new vaccines without finding the exact effects these bring to human health.

Another complication is that doctors aren’t fully aware either of the possible dangers of vaccines because they’re highly unpredictable. Since the world of medicine is currently divided when it comes to vaccination, it helps to keep an open mind and be resourceful when it comes to the safety of patients.

If you’re on the other end of the health industry (the patients), it helps to know all the risks, pros, and cons before attempting vaccination on yourself, your family, or others.

It’s clear that sufficient consideration and research are needed before coming to a conclusion on the actual nature of vaccines. Vaccines may indeed be dangerous, but we don’t know if other factors are causing the mental disorders and adverse side effects in human bodies.