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The 7 Largest Health and Fitness Events in the World

The easiest way to stay healthy and in shape is to work out with a group! There are many health events all around the world. These events all patronize healthy living and exercises that are exciting for every person who wishes to join.

Here are seven health and fitness events you shouldn’t miss, all around the globe!

The Color Run


Founded in March 2011, the Color Run aims to promote health and happiness by making runners join the “happiest 5k on the planet.” There were so many marathons that followed this concept, but the Color Run was the first of its kind. Since its debut, the Color Run has smashed records and exceeded expectation. If you love color explosions, you’re in for a treat!

Critical Mass


If you’re a cyclist, you’re probably anticipating the last Friday of the month because it’s the schedule for Critical Mass. Starting more than a decade ago in San Francisco; this monthly event has stretched to over 300 cities all over the planet. Critical Mass has become the venue for bikers to participate and ride with wild costumes and epic bike decorations.

This event has grown so big, that people hardly see it on the news, but word of mouth is enough to get the crowds biking.

The Electric Run


Occurring globally, the Electric Run is more of a rave than the standard marathon you’re used to. They offer a “nocturnal 5K adventure” with glow sticks and wild neon lights. This will probably be the brightest and most vibrant workout you will ever have. Since they also encourage dressing up, the more luminous your attire, the better it will be. The end of the event culminates in a dance party, which is suitable for the run’s rave theme.

Morning Gloryville


Beginning in London and spreading across the globe, Morning Gloryville is that insane morning rave you’ve been waiting for. Starting at 6:30 am and ending at 10:30 am, the rave promotes fitness through music, inspirational messages, and coffee! If you’ve been dying to unwind and get refreshed, Morning Gloryville is the best place to go to, especially if you’ve been begging for a massage. And yes, there are free massage sessions. If it’s happening in a city near you, let loose and attend Morning Gloryville!

Wanderlust Festival


Happening next in Brooklyn, New York, the Wanderlust festival is a place for all you free spirits! Since this festival celebrates freedom, you can find anything and anyone interested in healthy living. Through this festival, you can attend sessions with meditation, music, yoga, and different forms of artistry all in the mission of wellness. Check out the link above for the next festival closest to where you are! You’ll see that the Wanderlust community is an impressive group. You’ll fit right in!

Dubai Fitness Expo


This expo is one of the biggest in the country, and probably on the planet. Here fitness experts from all around the world gather to share their expertise on apparel, equipment and workout innovations. Dubai has become a hub of development, so the residents have become willing to take part in healthier ways of living. The Dubai Fitness Expo aims to instill health and wellness in the hearts of the citizens and guests from all around the world. This place is also a venue for fitness brands to expand their reach to the UAE’s market. For your health needs, you might want to check this expo out!

Outbreak Manila


It may not be the biggest run in the world, but it is probably the scariest! Zombies have become a trend in the entertainment scene, but it doesn’t stop there! Who knew that running from zombies could be an exciting activity? In this race, you can choose to be the runner or the zombie. Just make sure that if you want to be a zombie, you’re willing to dress up as one! If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, The Outbreak Run is one to try when you’re in the Philippines!

Wherever you are in the world, there are hundreds of health events to choose from! If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy it with others!